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15 ways blogging can help grow your business


In today’s crowded online market, how do you make your business stand out? In order to grow and engage with your audience, you need to be truly visible online. One effective way to achieve this is through business blogging. 

Yep, it’s not just for social media influencers and aspiring writers. Blogging can actually be an innovative marketing tool to generate traffic and create business leads without any significant investment.

Let’s take a closer look at blogging…

blogging for business

Reason 1: Speak directly to your customers with blogging

Treating your audience as human beings by speaking directly to them is one of the best marketing methods for showcasing your brand or product. It is your chance to tell them just what you and your brand can do, and how you will directly benefit them.

This isn’t to say a hard sales pitch is the way to go – use blogging to educate and inform your customers. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes by thinking about the kind of questions they would want answered. Then use your blog to answer them.


Reason 2: Focus on one specific area in more detail

Perhaps your product or service has several different features/benefits but you can’t highlight them all in detail? Use your blog for this. It’s a great tool for really drilling down into the specifics of what you are offering the consumer. Also look to provide a great insight into what your product/service does and how this differs from competitors.

When blogging, add value by utilizing long-tail keywords and SEO practices. This will help generate more consistent traffic to your business over time.

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Reason 3: Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Continually blogging about topics relevant to your product/service not only demonstrates you have a passion for your business, but also helps establish you as an expert in your field. Producing informative, clear, resourceful blog posts sets you apart as someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Top tip: Write about trends in your industry. Use your blog to analyze and provide an opinion, as well as including links and resources that provide depth to your writing.


Reason 4: Build consumer trust with blogging

One of the key aspects of a successful blog is consistency. You should be posting at least once a week. But setting aside the time to do this helps demonstrate your business as trustworthy and offers the chance to showcase your brand voice.

Top tip: A good online business blog showcases the company mission and values. You can adapt your tone of voice to suit your audience, but blog content should always express the brand message. This includes what you believe in, what makes you different, what your business is about…and why.

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Reason 5: Blogs make you more visible on Google

Make sure you have a dedicated page for each blog article you publish on your company website. Why? Well, Google views each page separately, meaning it can be indexed depending on topic. This provides greater opportunity to get found in Google searches than when you have no blog. 

Top tip: If a blog is going to make you more find-able you need to utilize those long-tail, SEO-focused keywords related to your business. Doing your keyword research is a stellar opportunity to not only be visible, but also connect with prospective customers. Another fantastic opportunity to further build your authority online.

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Reason 6: Repurpose blog content

Written a compelling blog post that will translate well into another format? Blog posts are actually really adaptable across multi-channels, so use this to your advantage by repurposing your blogs into other formats.

Perhaps you have a long-form article that would work well as an ebook? Or have content that would work well as an infographic? Think outside the box and extract snippets to create engaging social media posts, or transform into video content to attract a wider audience. All audiences interact with media in different ways, and it may even foster a content strategy you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Top Tip: It’s not just blog posts that are great at being repurposed- other platforms can also be converted to produce high-ranking articles and blog posts. Take Podcasts as an example. Sites such as Pod Rocket are fantastic at repurposing your audio content by creating professional, SEO- focused articles. Brilliant for developing and engaging your target audience and demonstrating the versatility of your content.


Reason 7: Grow traffic organically through engaging blog posts

Not all visitors to your site are going to find you because they know about your product or service – or search directly for you using the business name. You want to attract more of these types of visitors, as they act as leads who could potentially turn into customers. Publishing content on your blog helps you achieve this, as well as driving organic traffic to your site.

Top tip: Remember, like all growth in online business, generating traffic via a blog takes both time and commitment. Yet the quicker you start, the quicker you will see worthwhile results. On average you need a minimum of 20-50 articles before it’s worth analysing and spotting patterns in traffic build up.

blog writing

Reason 8: Connect People To Your Brand

As we mentioned earlier, identifying with the human side of your audience is a powerful tool when blogging for your business, and so too is creating brand awareness and highlighting the personal side of your business.

Do this by engaging existing and potential customers in a way not always possible through outbound marketing- by showcasing your personality and creativity.


Reason 9: Blogging creates ‘sharing’ opportunities

As well as blogging making your brand more visible, it also creates invaluable opportunities for others to share your blog as a link on their social media sites etc.

The benefit of this? Well, it creates the potential for further viral traffic and market growth. There are so many different ways for people to engage with your content now- so make sure you make it easy for them to share your blog posts. Include a link at the bottom of the post which enables visitors to either share a direct link, tweet it, or add to Facebook/email. In this sense the customer is doing the marketing for you!


Reason 10: Provide a platform to others

Just as you hope other people will share your content or mention your business in their posts, use your blog posts to shine a light on those who help make your business a success. By highlighting customers, suppliers, colleagues or related businesses, it is more likely they will remember and repay the favour either online or in person through recommendations. You can’t pay for that kind of promotion. Plus it’s the ultimate feel-good karma!


Reason 11: Become a better communicator

Even though your prime reason for blogging is to grow your online business, you may find that blogging consistently makes you a better writer- and in turn a much better communicator with your audience.

The more you blog, the more you write – the easier you will find it to convey a clear, concise brand message to your consumers.


Reason 12: Build a stronger Social Media presence

Social Media marketing is such an important strategy when growing your brand and business online  However, like all other digital marketing channels, social media needs content to engage an audience and convert leads into sales. You can generate this content through your business blog and use social media to share- in turn promoting both business media channels.

Reason 13: Create a dynamic impression

When somebody searches for you online, you want to ensure they get both an accurate and complete picture of your business and what it’s about. Blogging actually provides greater control in how your product or service is being portrayed. Appearing as the top result on Google for example (due to high-ranking, useful and interesting business blog posts) not only creates a great first impression, but allows you to take that control of your online identity.

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Reason 14: Respond to customers

Just as analysing metrics and analytics related to your business is essential when growing your brand, so too is responding to customer needs. Blogging is an effective way to achieve this. How? Write a post on difficulties or pain points you target audience experience or have raised and explain how to effectively solve them.

Top tip: Doing audience research will help with this sort of blog post. Use forums to see what questions consumers are asking about your industry, or what they are typing into search engines. This will help you plan your content to ensure you are writing posts consumers actually need and are asking for.

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Reason 15: Blogging can actually be fun!

Yep, it’s easy to forget that producing blog posts can not only provide benefits to your target audience and your business. But can also be fun! Creating blog posts should be energizing, stimulating and spark innovative business ideas. Blogging is a great way to stay engaged with your audience. It’ll let you keep on top of trends and demonstrate your passion. Many online businesses find that personally very fulfilling. 

Do you have any top tips for business blogging? And how has it benefited your business? We would love to hear from you!